Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here we go again. So how come

Islamic clerics are not shouting "It's not us!" at the top of their lungs after the Boston bombing?

This is another act of Islamic terrorism in this country and while it is not on the hideous level of the 9-11 attacks, it is a pretty good, solid hit on us.

While I am loathe to jump in and blame all Muslims for this kind of thing it sure looks like hell and provides an awful lot of food for the haters out there that just have to hate. Truth is it can easily be made to look justified.

I have posted about this before and pointed out that not all Muslims are involved in this and likely the Islamic community is not involved because generally all most people are interested in is making a living and raising a couple of kids. They have better things to do than murder people.

Still, it makes one wonder when the Muslim community stays silent after one of them perpetrates a heinous act like that and the rest of them do not speak out against it.

Like it or not, even though Islam is the fastest growing faith in the country, we are still basically a Judeo Christian country and Muslims are often looked at with suspicion. Especially after 9-11 when the Muslim clerics were silent then, too.

If the Muslim community wants to shake the suspicion that is aimed at them they are as a community going to have to take responsibility and stand up and scream that they are not the problem and the problems are caused by an irreverent minority.

Until that happens the entire Islamic community will likely be viewed with suspicion.

I suppose there will likely be attacks on Muslims here and there and while the people that commit the attacks are ultimately responsible, they could avoid the issue before it happens by simply being outspoken.


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