Thursday, April 11, 2013

I watched a shipmate splicing up a line the other day.

 He had two tucks in it and started taking it apart. He looked up and explained.

"I got a bum start," he said. "It's easier to start over again and get it right as soon as you discover you screwed up."

"You can say that again," I answered.

He's right. It is a lot easier to restart than get all confused while trying to make a bad splice look like a good one. Actually, you can't if the person looking goes straight to the start and looks at it carefully.

In most endeavors in life it's easier to make sure you start a job correctly than correct a mistake halfway through it.


Yesterday there was a story about a Florida county sheriff posting big red signs in front of the houses of convicted sex offenders.

Where can I get one?

I'll post it in front of my house a week before Halloween and save a fortune in candy.

Or so I will tell a gullible deckhand somewhere down the line.

"Hey, Pic. What do you give the kids for Halloween?"

"Nothin'. About six or eight years ago I had a friend at the state sign shop make a sign saying the person that lives in this house is a registered sex offender. I put it up about a week early and nobody knocks on the door all night."


"Oh, yeah! Works like a charm! Saves me about a hundred bucks a year."

"Gee, Pic! What do your neghbors do?"

"The guy next to me wants one. They think it's funny. I kinda laugh watching the mothers haul their kids across the street as they pass by my place. Want me to get you one made?"

"Umm...Err...No thanks."


Indidentally the sex offender registry is somewhat of a joke nationwide.

A Floridian told me that it is pretty specific down there and you actually have to work at getting on it. For the most part anyone on it has likely done something to deserve being on such a list.

Someone from Maryland told me you can get on it if you get nailed by a vice cop posing as a hooker. That isn't right if you ask me because someone trying to make a deal with a hooker of legal age is not a public danger. While I am no fan of prostitutes, they generally pose no real public danger.

Another guy reported to me that many of the people on it in his state are simply people that drank too much beer and got caught urinating behind a bush and the cop pushed the issue.

What I want to know is why the states even have such a list.

It strikes me that if a person is dangerous he ought to still be in jail. Pedophiles have a very high recividism rate and generally one that has been released from incarceration goes right back to his sick line of crime.

What I want to know is why he is released in the first place. The sentencing should be such that he has to do so much minimum time and then have a prison shrink certify that he is safe for release.

I suppose some do-good is going to come along and argue with me about this. He will likely go agape when I ask him what they ought to do with the sick bastard that hurts HIS child.

That generally shuts them up.

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