Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update on the match

which was a bust of sorts but in other ways it was great.

I arrived with a .22 sighted in for 50 yards and I guess I figured my holdover OK. Still, it was cold and we actually had light snow flurries which is rare. I was unprepared for that as I had figured it would warm up. It didn't.

I couldn't get things to settle down and shot poorly to the point that I didn't even bother to shoot the second string.

Still, when you return to something like that you can't go with great expectations, especially if you are talking about offhand shooting. It's like Morse code, it is a perishable skill.

While I was pleased at my shooting at Quantico last month I was shooting a different match there and could dig in nicely and not have to fight the shakes as Quantico was a prone match.

Anyway, I met a couple of new shooters and it's interesting to note that two of the newbies are women. These two were not the women I met a while back that were discussing infantry tactics. One was another shooter's SO shooting with her hubby and the other was a woman that shoots regular there now.

During the time between strings the  guys asked me where I had been and were glad to see me show up. They said they missed my leopard skin mat, pink AR and smart-assed attitude.

Next weekend there's a service rifle match and we'll see what happens then. If the weather is halfway decent and I get an hour during the week to tune up the service rifle I ought to do OK.

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