Monday, April 8, 2013

I wonder how many of the idiots

 that spout off about the dangers to children have even bothered to look at what the biggest dangers to children are.

Auto accidents and drownings seem to lead the list in the accidental department followed by fire, poisoning, strangulation with firearm deaths running well behind the list.

Yet mothers will cringe at the sight of a firearm as they cheerfully drive their kids off to an unsupervised swimming pool or beach.

I have a hard time with people like that because when you think about it even for a second that even after the tragic events that happened at Colombine and Sandy Hook added in that the most dangerous part of a kids day is generally the ride home or routine things around the home.

There are a lot of people out there that will leave all sorts of lethal substances under the kitchen sink unsecured and leave lighters and matches laying around.

The overwhelming majority of gun owners know that firearms are inherently dangerous and keep them properly secured, yet they will leave rat poison in a child accessable cabinet yet if you ask mothers they will tell you that firearms are the bigger danger.

I don't have children and keep a lot of things secured and likely do a better job of keeping my home child safe than a lot of people that incessently babble about doing things to keep children safe.

In general all of my firearms are kept in a pretty substantial safe with the exception being the duty gun that I keep hidden in a child inaccessable place, well out of reach of small children.

Another thing is that people don't take proactive approaches to things. One of the easiest ways to prevent children from drowning is to teach them to swim.

I have a neighbor and I get a hoot out of how he and his wife have taught their kids to swim. I had business with him and his wife said he was at the pool with his kids. As I was walking up to him, his daughter approached me so I picked her up and gently tossed her into the deep end of the pool.

Her father grinned as his daughter swam over to the ladder and climbed out laughing. She had just turned four. Yes, four. She is four years old and a pretty good swimmer.

While I suppose she in not 100% immune to drowning, I would bet that she isn't a candidate for it because she can handle herself in the water.

I suppose this summer she'll want me to throw her into the pool. We'll see.

Shortly after Sandy Hook I pointed out that swimming pools kill far more kids than firearms and was told that it was rubbish.

It isn't. It is simply fact and while I respect the person that made the comment I have to take into consideration that she is a person that has had the luxury of being able to live her life based on a lot of emotional things. I haven't. If I had done so I would now be dead.

The truth is that there are a lot of people out there that base a lot of their decisions on emotions and not facts.

They scream, ooh and ahh about things they have no understanding of and carry on instead of educating themselves. This holds true for our elected officials.

Ain't too many of them interested in protecting children because if they were they would be educating parents and teaching them to keep lethal substances in places inaccessable to kids instead of trying to find out what is in someone's locked and secure gun safe.

You can listen to these elected officials and know they don't know what they are talking about. Over the years I have seen pictures of Diane Fienstein handling a rifle and her finger goes straight to the trigger in violation of all safety rules.

One elected official was babbling about barrel shrouds, which are a safety item to keep the shooters hands from being burned. When she was pressed to say what a barrel shroud is, she said, "It's the shoulder thing that goes up." She obviously didn't know what she was talking about.

Another politician in Colorado made the comment that magazines would be no good after they were emptied. Apparently she didn't know they were reloadable. Another elected idiot.

Yet I have not seen any of these three mothers that are in office try and encourage parents to teach their kids to swim or secure dangerous chemicals. Nor have I seen them try and make school buses any safer for kids.

These are generally the same people that plead 'Do it for the children', yet I have seldom seen one of them actually try and approach any area that really is dangerous for kids.

They babble about the dangers of firearms and do not reaize that between 1.5 and 2 million times a year that crimes are prevented by armed citizens. I have to wonder how many of the lives saved are children. Probably one hell of a lot more than are lost by firearm accidents.

The truth of the matter is that as time goes on and the politicians keep chipping at out rights and our wallets and driving us deeper and deeper into debt that they want the citizenery unarmed so they can continue their failed policies.

The last thing an elected official wants is an armed citizenery because when people find out that they have been duped they are very likely to arm themselves and go after them.

This issue has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with power and the sad part is there are a lot of useful idiots out there that can't see it.

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