Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm stuck this morning.

I got a lousy night's sleep which I won't get into and I'm a little groggy but here's the keyboard. Sometimes it can be one hell of a thing to wake up to but I am driven.

I was up and on the road a little after 0500 and was listening to the radio and heard where George Zimmerman's wife dialed 911 and claimed he was threatening her with a gun yesterday. 

She admitted that he never had a gun in his hands, most likely after the cops hammered her to tell the truth.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what the likely scenario is here. She's divorcing him and likely they were arguing over who gets the dog or some damned fooled thing and she decided to play the Domestic Violence Card.

After all, George likely has a pretty hefty payday coming his way soon and she wants to make sure she gets her slice of the pie.

In other news, just before I got off the boat there was a dead period of bored waiting for our reliefs to show and it was interesting in a way. We were so desperate we turned on daytime TV and Maury What's his face was on doing a show on ugly ducklings turned into porn queens.

Why, Maury? Why?

You're just legitimatizing prostitution which is really all porn is. The people are paid to have sex which make it prostitution. It's as simple as that.

And while I have always believed that prostitution should be legalized, I really don't think it is a glorious thing. I don't think that the local community college should be giving courses like Bestiality Close-ups 101 or Advanced Oral Skills 303.

It also doesn't need a bunch of daytime TV hosts glorifying the porn industry. It's there and should simply be left alone.

The way the Maury crowd tries to legitimize this is a crock. It makes you wonder. 

They make it sound like a bona fide career.

"Hey, Jim! How's the kids?"

"Great! Jim jr is finishing up medical school, Louise got accepted to a grad program in quantum physics and Cindy is really doing well as an adult film actress. She just set a new record, servicing 123 guys, three horses, a donkey, two goats and a pair of German Shepherds! I'm really proud of that girl. She's going places."

It makes one wonder.

Maury, how about if you just quietly leave the porn queens in the shadows where they belong.

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