Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There are people out ther

e that just hate the rich for being rich and always want to make them poor again.

I consider it to be crab mentality.

Anyone that has seen (and eaten) as many crabs as I have can tell you that the best way to keep crabs in a tote is to put several crabs in it. As one enterprising crab begins to climb up and get near the point of escape the rest will pull him back down into the pile.

Some people simply do not want to see other people get ahead.

Damned if I know why. I sure want my employer to get ahead. In fact I hope he gets filthy stinking rich. He stuck his neck out, invested in himself, has a plan and is running with it. I wish him the best.

My job is to help him achieve success and in return he give me a piece of the pie in the form of wages. 

This ain't bad because with my wages I have managed to buy myself a decent place to live, eat pretty well and have a few interesting hobbies and a couple bucks stashed.

I see a few people out here that are resentful toward the bosses but when you look at them they generally have a sour grapes attitude and deep down thing they should be wealthy, too.

Yet among the gripers I seldom see one of them that's willing to invest in themselves, put themselves deep into hock and stand up at the plate. They seem to think that they're worth a hell of a lot more than they are.

Others simply don't have the skills. I know a guy that peeled off 70K in hard earned money he had scrimped, saved and worked overtime to amass and decided that he was going to get rich with it in the stock market. He lost most of it in a few months.

His source of information, the internet, wasn't enough. You really have to know someone and be patient to pull that off. For example, if you knew someone to tip you off that the Navy had just awarded a small upstart company a huge long-term big money contract you might have a pretty good bet.

You ain't gonna find that on the web.

Of course he was quite bitter about his loss and griped about 'them rich bastards' even louder than ever.

What cracked me up is that he sure tried to become one of them. Most of the people that gripe about the rich are generally upset because they are not one of them.

My professional licenses run me about $75-100 a year or less when you add everything up. (They're good for 5 years. We're taking the cost and dividing by 5.) That's my financial investment into my career. That's not really a whole lot.

Granted there were courses I had to take to get licensed and I spent a lot of time with my nose in a book, but that's neither here nor there. It's part of getting ahead.

Still, my investment in my career isn't anywhere near the millions the Top Dog has invested in the company. The money there is mind-boggling. Tugboats and tank vessels are not cheap and to spend that kind of money on the speculation that you can pay for and run one at a profit is risky in my book.

I don't see a lot of people willing to take the chances like this to get ahead and from what I have seen a lot of the people that gripe about the evil rich simply do not have what it takes to become one of them.

Like the crabs I mentioned, they just want to tear the successful down to their own level. 


Winston Churchill once said some people consider capitalism to be a tiger to be shot or a cow to be milked. 

"It is simply a strong horse pulling a sturdy wagon."


When is the last time a poor person offered you a job?

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