Saturday, September 7, 2013

Last night I worked Mongilia

which the kid across the street will get a boot out of.

He saw my map when he was over here with his dad and asked if I had bagged Greenland or Mongolia. I hadn't but a couple of days later I bagged Greenland and went to work for a tour.

I got back a couple of days ago and bagged Mongolia last night.

He'll be impressed.

It is a Saturday morning and I have to make a dry run to the hospital where I have an appointment coming up for a test.

I have never been there so a dry run to the place I have to go is in order so there is no last minute panic and I can get there easily. I don't do well in the city and tend to get fouled up there.

I am waiting for a phone call from my wife who is already up and about and when it arrives I'll have to drop what I am doing and scramble.

Today's post is about people that complain about how there is a law for everything. While that's a truth, it's a double edged sword.

I saw the stub of an old speeding ticket I got last year when I got stopped going like the hammers of hell and it wasn't really a speeding ticket. It was for failure to obey a posted sign which is really a nothing ticket. There are no points against your license and it is very vague.

The cop that wrote it was giving me a break. Truth is I was going like a rocket when he caught me and decided I was a good guy because I didn't argue with him. I told him he had caught me red-handed.

He came back with that particular no points, small fine ticket and I'm grateful.

I suppose the option for him to write such a ticket and give a guy a break is limited, though. What is likely to happen is some asshole will make a big to-do out of getting a break and ruin it for everyone else.

Most likely the police will lose the option of doing this because of some jerk out there that doesn't know when he is getting a break.

Cops used to be given a lot of latitude years ago, and while a handful abused it, a lot of citizens did, too. They griped even when they got a real break and some sued.

You get caught with six heads in a duffel bag. The cop writes you for disorderly conduct and you complain. Go figure.

The simple solution was to take the use of discretion away from officers. Generally it was the public that lost.

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