Saturday, September 14, 2013

It is good having people trained.

I had guests in last night and while 2 were regulars and knew the score, the other two were new to the Piccolo household and surprisingly came pretty much trained.

It was a couple and he wanted to get some time on an HF rig and the wife came along for both the ride and as a designated driver in case we got into too much beer.

That's always welcome unless it's a guys night out which this wasn't. 

Anyway, he was supposed to simply use my transceiver and learn a few things. I wanted to stay in the background, at least for the later part of the evening during the scheduled drill we had last night.

I told him that if anybody wanted to talk to me to tell them that I was busy with some babe that had just stepped out of a Ferrari sporting a $40,000 boob job.

The wife was funny. She looked at me and wryly asked if she should have dressed like a hooker.

Good point. Sure, why not? I looked at her head to toe and told her she certainly had all the right parts and that I could think of a couple outfits she could stuff herself into to play the role. She blushed a bit but she was amused and actually knew how to take a complement. She is really quite attractive.

It's fun having good people around with a sense of humor.

As I sit here I can see the neighbors go nuts if she did walk into the house dressed like that, but without her husband. They pull up, he drops her off and she comes in and hangs out for a couple of hours. 

Maybe sit down and balance her checkbook, write out checks for the family bills, make up a grocery list, watch a little TV and then before she leaves we muss up her hair, smear her makeup a bit and and wiggle her clothes around so they don't fit quite right and she leaves counting a wad of cash.

Of course, if she doesn't have enough time to hang around, that's OK, too. She simply enters through the front door, heads straight to the bathroom and puts on a pair of jeans and sneakers and I sneak her out the back door and she cuts through the woods and gets picked up a block or two away.

The next morning, being trash day, I just stuff a mannequin in the trash with the legs sticking up out of it.

Of course, that would get a few of the neighbors wagging their tongues, but the truth is that after 20 years of having them as neighbors they wouldn't bat an eye. The would simply wonder what I was doing this time.

Incidentally, last night was the night of the Big Giant Ecomm Drill and while my guest got some hands-on time running the rig, I stayed at the keyboard watching the progress.

The rules were that the internet could only be used to post progress reports and it was amazing how fast things spread. The original plan was that we were going to basically work CONUS but a few minutes after things started Hawaii checked in as having received the message. 

The message spread like wildfire all over the place and it was astonishing how fast things moved. In about an hour just about everyone had the entire message, all over the country.

My inbox was stuffed with people checking in to let me know they had gotten the word and who they had passed it onto.

An interesting night.

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