Friday, September 13, 2013

Tonight is an ECOMM drill that has been planned now for over a mionth

One or two of the guys are scheduled to show up here and I hope the guys haven't scared him off.

The last time someone came over he told me that a bunch of the other guys emailed him to tell him not to park behind the Ferrari and to check out the hot women that drop by.

"You should see the woman that drop by Pic's place! Las Vegas showgirls!"

"Check out the boobs on the tall redhead if she shows up! They must have been designed by an aeronautical engineer! Betcha she's got 40 grand tied up in that rack!"

"When I visited him some babe showed up in a limo and told him the Lear jet would take them to Europe in a couple of days!"

I don't mind the guys doing things like that to me because I generally do it right back to them. It's half the fun.

Anyway, I hope that they didn't scare him off.

The one that almost got me into hot water a few years back is when some sicko took a picture of me at Camp Perry and photoshopped a couple of bikini clad lovelies on either side of me. From a glance at a distance it looked pretty good until you got close enough to realize the women were both in their 80s.

Then it didn't look too good. I almost caught hell from the Mrs. for that until she looked at it close and figured out it was a smartass photoshopper.

Anyway, the drill is to see how quickly we can relay a message from NH to CA and get a return message back to NH.

After that we will try spread the message to anyone out there that has a shortwave by having them listen in on us.

I am the one that planned this drill and what is cool about it is that I really don't have to do a whole lot. I'll just sit back and watch things go and coach a couple of newbies and answer questions.

I like setting things up so that no one person is needed to accomplish the mission. You do this by making sure the guy at the bottom of the chain knows as much about what is going on as the guy at the top does. It makes the team virtually unstoppable.

It doesn't matter it the team loses its leadership because the next guy down the chain can keep the rest of the team going.

One major that ran an outfit during the Guadalcanal campaign said that making sure everyone knew what was going on had insured his success. The lesson has paid off dividends time and again in both the military and private world.

Right now there is a show on in the background about deep sea salvage which sounds interesting.

What to me would be more interesting is blowing out an oil well fire. Just once I'd like to go on safari with Boots and Coots or someone like else that knows what they are doing. It sounds interesting.

They generally blow the fire out with explosives. When the charge goes off it sucks all the oxygen out of the air for a nanosecond and the fire goes out.

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