Friday, September 6, 2013

Well, I am GTG for my DXCC

Last night an email told me I have made the cut for my DXCC award. I think I'll have 111 countries logged with the ARRL which is pretty good.

Right after I had my cards checked yesterday I opened the mailbox to find that the UAE had just confirmed. I'll keep that card in a different file and when I get another fifty I'll have them checked and added to my list.

As I write this there is a buck and 2 does 25 feet away from me eating some weeds in the backyard. I wonder how they will fare this upcoming winter. 

The buck is pretty good sized and an animal that size has a lot of good eating on him but I have no desire to shoot any of the deer in the neighborhood.

In other news a friend of mine, a retired Marine bought a house several miles from here and the other day he came out and ran off a couple of kids vandalizing his property. They returned with a little flash mob. The police were called but you KNOW the kids will be back.

This little flash mob scene is getting out of hand and it is not going to be long until one little group of guys goes after the wrong person. Someone's going to get hurt and then there will be moaning and bellyaching and court cases.

Some poor bastard that was just trying to stay intact will find himself in court fighting for his freedom while the members of the gang will be standing there dressed up in Buster Brown suits and wearing long-faced self-righteous looks of indignation. 

Gee! This guy shot at us! Don't we got no rights? All we was doing was trying to have a little fun turning his head into a bloody mess.

Of course, if it crosses racial lines then Bobble Headed Al and Brother Jesse will be at the head of the line to stick up for the rights of some group of worthless thugs to pound someone to a bloody pulp.

If it doesn't cross racial lines nobody will hear about it unless several people get killed. 

Then there will be a hue and cry for more meaningless gun control and a change in self-defense laws to protect these little thugs from people that merely want to stay alive. This will be proof positive that there are a lot of people out there willing to keep making excuses for poor behavior.

I'm getting sick and tired of people making excuses for poor behavior and I'm sick and tired of race baiting.

I grew up pretty color blind, and I have not changed. I judge a person entirely by the content of their character and that is it. Of course, the race baiters probably hate me for this because it means that the race card means nothing to me. It is simply a spare joker to be discarded.

Then again, I suppose the Klansmen types don't like me either but that means nothing to me either.

One of the ways you can judge a man is not by the friends he keeps but by the enemies he has accumulated through life.

When you consider that people of all races, creeds, colors that make up shabby excuses for unacceptable behavior don't like me very much, it probably speaks highly of me.

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