Sunday, September 1, 2013

President Piccolo causes a BUNCH of um, ers and uhhhs.

Those of you that seem to want military action in Syria ought to hear how POTUS Piccolo would handle it.

"My fellow Americans, it has come to my attention that some of you want American involvement in Syria. We can do that."

"If you are  in the age bracket where you can serve in the military simply enlist for the special Syrian service enlistment option. We will be generous with issuing waivers for the physical and age requirements. If not, send us your sons to serve.  As soon as you or your sons are trained we'll get right on it."

The hemming and hawing would be of epic proportions. There would be countless Ummms, ers, and uhhhs.

It's a hell of a lot easier to send someone else or soneone else's kid off to get chewed up overseas than it is to either og yourself or send your kid.

When the kid down the street comes home in a box, it's a damned shame. When it's your kid in the box that's another thing all together.

I think this would do wonders to those Americans that keep demanding to send other people's children off to war.

Piccolo's rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't go yourself then you have no right sending someone else.

If you believe in something enough that you'll send yourself or your children then maybe it is worth considering.

Personally I do not think the entire of Syria is worth having a single GI stub his toe over.

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  1. "Piccolo's rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't go yourself then you have no right sending someone else."

    I like this, especially since we have a POTUS who never served a day until he became the CinC.

  2. Damned right.

    I get tired of people running their mouths about sending troops here and there when they have no skin in the game whatsoever.

    Ever notice the parade as the troops are leaving? For every soldier leaving there are about 500 staying home.