Monday, September 30, 2013

They ought to change the name of Washington DC to something like Johnson, DC after LBJ.

It would be more fitting.

It's a sensible thing to do when you think about it. George Washington was an honorable man and set several precedents of civilized political behavior that we follow to this day. Having the biggest snake pit on the planet named after him just isn't right.

On the other hand, Johnson, DC seems more fitting.

Lyndon Johnson was a snake and a snake pit like DC would be a very fitting memorial to him.

Lyndon Johnson gets credit for signing the Civil Rights bill of 1964 and became a hero but if you look at his record as a senator he voted against just about every piece of civil rights legislation that came down the pike.

Truth is, Johnson signed a good bill for the epitome of the wrong reason. He signed it to assure he would get votes in the upcoming November election.

The man was quoted as saying to a pair of governors aboard Air Force One, "When I sign this bill we'll have those ni&&ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years."

Of course it can easily be argued that his Great Society package insured that blacks (and other people of low income) would continue to live in chains. They would go through life shackled by the golden handcuffs of welfare and governmental dependence.

Of course it is somewhat common knowledge that he, through his wife, owned a pretty good chunk of Bell Helicopters and that the Vietnam war he escalated was a helicopter war...

He won his Senate seat back in 1948 by a scant 87 votes and privately used to brag about the stolen ballot box. 

It was often said that he told his campaign manager back in Texas to spread word that his opponent had enjoyed carnal knowledge of his barnyard swine. When his campaign manager said, "We can't just come out and call this man a pig f***er," Johnson is reported to have replied that they could certainly make him deny it.

We ought to rename our national snake pit after Lyndon Johnson. Name it Johnson, DC.

Maybe a few years down the road when the dust settles and the deeds of the current Commander in Chief come to light we can rename the capital again.

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