Monday, September 23, 2013

To those liberal democrats, don't worry

. Hillary will most likely 
be the next president. You can relax now.

The time is right for the Republicans. It looks like there are enough people disgusted with President Obama that are looking at a change in leadership. The Republicans are pretty much in a spot where they are being handed the presidency on a silver platter.

But don't worry. Hillary is probably going to be in the Oval Office after President Obama leaves. It's a pretty good bet.

Why is that? 

Because the Republican leadership is stupid, that's why.

What is the likely scenario is that Republican leadership will present us with a candidate that will do exactly what the last batch did. They will alienate the voter base because they do not know how not to.

Rick Santorum is a classic example of this. He was squeaky clean and had a lot of initial support. He was in a position where all he had to do was keep his mouth shut.

(I wonder about people that clean. Abe Lincoln once said, "He who has no vices probably has no virtues.")

He alienated the gay community right off the bat with a bunch of homophobic crap. Next he alienated half the voter base by dragging in the abortion issue into things. That in itself was more than enough to insure that he wouldn't win in the primaries.

The stupid bastard went straight to our bedrooms and started telling us how he would legislate things there. Fat chance he was going to go anywhere. This was a classic case of someone talking their way OUT of the oval office.

He's no exception to the rule.

The other candidate that came to prominance last election was Herman Cain, a black conservative with a pretty good record in the private sector and quite possibly would have done a pretty good job in the White House. His job had been rescuing failing companies and he was pretty good at it.

Then again, Cain was stupid enough not to think that his enemies would not investigate the hell out of him and he had a history of being grabby with women. Another one bit the dust.

Actually with Cain'e background I'd bet that if he had kept his paws to himself and run he likely would have been in office now. His skills are likely right up the alley for getting the economy up and running. He very well may have jumped in and gotten the ball rolling towards getting people back to work.

Still, he was stupid for underestimating how far his enemies would go to dig up dirt on him.

Instead the people reelected Obama and here we are.

Another thing the Republicans have done with their burning desire to legislate morality is to create another party, the Libertarian party that is pretty conservative but spun off ot the Republicans. They did this most likely because they were fed up with the Republican party trying to enforce morality.

I tend to identify myself as Libertarian and no little part of my choice is based on the aforementioned reasons. I simply do not like to see government sticking their noses into the bedrooms of consenting adults.

Likely in the future the Republican leadership is going to err again and I think that there is a pretty good chance that Christie will wind up running against Hillary.

Of course, if Christie wins it will be a liberal victory, anyway. Christie is Republican in name only. If he wasn't he would not have been elected in New Jersey.

Hillary will get elected and will keep spending.

After all, the Republicans are going to do what they do and drag abortion, religion and the gay community into things, alienate the voter base and lose again. 

My prediction is that we're going to be going deeper and deeper into debt until the entire economy collapses and we're all back to the Dark Ages watching the nightly news while sitting in candlelit caves.

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