Sunday, September 15, 2013

So here's another Sunday morning

Yesterday I met with a guy I know that sometimes reads the inane drivel I spout here. He read yesterday's post and asked me if I really tell people stuff like "Tell him I'm busy with some babe that showed up in a Ferrari sporting a $40,000 boob job."

I told him I do from time to time because it is so far out there and unbelievable that inevitably someone believes it.

I suppose because my general aura is easygoing and kind there are people that misread it and assume I am a pushover.  I think that the hippie chick in the table next to us assumed that because I saw her listen to our conversation and I saw her glare at us.

I guess she didn't like hearing what we were talking about and it really wasn't any of her business. I briefly considered saying something so outrageous that she wouldn't be able to contain herself but decided against it. I just continued and shortly thereafter she got up and left.

She probably got into an '87 Honda Civic to go home and braid her armpits or something like that. It was obvious she couldn't afford a Prius.

You can say whatever you want about babes with $40K boob jobs and Ferraris all you want. Truthfully they are not my style, but I have to give credit where credit is due. The babe is doing her best to present a good image of herself. 

The hippie chick seemed to be taking the opposite tack for some unfathomable reason. She really looked like hell and I knew she was trying to make some sort of a statement like 'beauty is only skin deep'.

I suppose that in itself is true. We've seen pictures of celebrities without their movie magic on and many of them are really nowhere near as attractive as they appear on the silver screen.  Beauty IS only skin deep.

On the other hand, ugly is to the bone.

It wouldn't take a whole lot for that hippie chick to at least shave her damned legs and pits and find a somewhat different outfit to wear. Burlap went out in '74. 

She'd gain at least some credibility if she put a minimal effort into making herself at least minimally attractive. 

Then again, I suppose that even is she did go out and get a $40,000 boob job (and a face lift, tummy tuck, butt lift and whatever else they can do these days) and pour herself into a little blue dress it would be a waste of time, effort and money.

She'd likely still be the angry, belligerent hippie chick she is now.

On the other hand she wouldn't be as difficult to look at and someone might even take her seriously.


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