Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, it is Monday and that's not a bad deal.

I suppose there are a lot of you out there getting ready for another week of spinning the wheels of industry.

I'm sitting here looking out the back window wondering what I have to do today and I see a bill or two to be paid and a couple of errands to be run and the house to clean up a bit.

I think that I'm having company over Friday night for a bit radio drill that's been planned for some time. That ought to be fun. I'll be teaching school, I suppose.

Maybe tomorrow I'll head over to the Beaver county airport and see what it costs to rent a Stearman for a couple of hours. If I have a little loose scratch and can afford it, I'll spend a couple of hours blowing the shingles off of barn roofs and hammerhead stalls.

Who knows?

I just took a break to check out the goings on outside and the old bastard from the other end of the street was walking his dog. He's the guy that tried to get this end of the street into the HOA and decided that maybe doing so wasn't a very good idea.

Offering to dump 15 gallons of highway yellow paint on his lawn helped to change his mind. I wasn't alone, either as the neighbors have seen what goes on at the other end of the street where the HOA rules.

That old guy ought to do volunteer work or something. He mows his damned lawn about three or four times a week. I told him so and he bellyached about how he'd have to let his lawn go if he did. Go figure.

Speaking of mowing lawns, I have one to mow later today after the dew dries up. I should have gotten it when I got home but didn't.

It does look like hell.

The marigolds I enjoyed so much this past summer have started to slow up and soon they will die off. I had great marigolds this year.

Fall is pretty much here and it is the time I grab a quarter pint of Jim Beam and head into an oak forest to breath the fall air and have a nip.

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