Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yesterday the mail arrived late and the day before it never showed at all

I wonder what the hell is going on. In spite of all the gripes I hear, the post office generally does a pretty good job around here. Something's going on. The mail is usually here by about 1400 and it didn't show yesterday until about 1830.

The strange part is the outgoing mail was picked up at about 1500. I don't know what to make of it.

The day before yesterday it was all picked up but we received no delivery.

Today I have to send for a card from Roderiguez Island which I bagged. There is a DXpedition there and it is a rare one so I will send for a card. The team are Italian and the mail service there is pretty close to third world so I guess I'll send them a couple of bucks electronically and go that route. I'll get a paper card and then add it to my pile.

Last night I had a chat with the neighbor about speeders on the street. We have a lot of kids here and there's no excuse for that at all.

The guy lives on the other end of the street and is one of those big ego guys that think the laws apply to everyone but him.

I had a word with him last time home but he seems to have ignored my suggestion to slow down a bit. 

Incidentally, I am not the self-appointed sheriff of the street. A couple of other parents have said something. 

It wasn't too many years ago that I would have simply had a quiet word with the irregulars and gone off to sea and returned to find something had been done. However, the kids have grown up for the most part and I don't think that putting kids in a position where they can get into hot water is a good idea anymore.

I simply made a call to someone who knows someone and yesterday I got a call back asking me what time he leaves for work.

My guess is that sometime early next week he's going to get nailed by the local gendarmes which is fine by me.

Not too long ago we used to handle a lot of this sort of stuff informally but these days there are too many crybabies out there so we're almost forced to run things through the system where possible.

Still, the neighborhood standard is to give a face to face warning and if that doesn't work then and only then the bulls get dragged into it.

I suppose they consider it to be a mixed blessing as they do get called for stuff they didn't have to deal with, but they also know that people are not taking the law into their own hands, either.

The cops here are generally pretty smart. With the complaints this guy has created by turning the street into a speedway they are not likely to let him off with a warning. They are probably going to throw the book at him pretty hard.

My all time favorite case of a guy not heeding advice was the time I was sitting at a bar and the bartender was dealing with a guy looking to pick a fight. Someone had called the police and when they showed the bartender quietly asked them to wait outside.

They did and the bartender started to deal with the unruly patron who was stupid enough to think he had the upper hand because he had seen the police leave. He got nasty to the bartender that was in fact trying to cut him a break.

The bartender simply went to the door and shouted "Yo!" and hooked his thumb over his shoulder and handed the door to the first officer. He simply went back behind the bar.

The officers simply walked in, hooked the jerk up and quietly carted him off to jail.

In all my years that was the smoothest move I have ever seen. 

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