Thursday, May 12, 2016

I was reading an Elizabeth Warren meltdown on Twitter earlier tonight.

She was playing the race and xenophobic card toward Donald Trump which sounds about right.

This is getting more and more interesting because I am beginning to believe that a lot of people are getting sick and tired of the lame old xenophobia, homophobia and race cards getting played all the time.

I think that people are starting to ignore those tired cards. Hopefully they are.

I saw a video made by one of Trump's CEOs of part of his holdings and she stuck by him as being very fair minded. In spite of his other faults he isn't a racist. Whatever. Still it was refreshing seeing a black female defending him on those bogus, tired old charges.


Any of you readers know what an Old School zoot suit is? 

Google images is your friend if you don't. 

Someone referred to a set of coveralls as his zoot suit and it reminded me.

I have a footlocker at home with a bunch of crap I've collected and I do believe there is one in it. I picked it up somewhere. I've lost some weight recently and I ought to dig it out and see if it fits.

That would be the thing to wear the next time I have to shuffle through the mall. There it is, a 64 year old nasty old sailor dressed in an El Pachuco zoot suit with a big chain hanging down to below the knees, clipped to the waist and pants pocket. What's funny is  I believe my dad had one in the early 40s before he went off to war. He was a musician and it would not surprise me at all to have found a picture of him at a gig wearing one.

For what it's worth, when dad was in the service he wound up in a small skirmish in the so-called zoot suit riots. For the most part it was between servicemen and so-called zoot suiters. The latter were looked down upon because zoot suits used more cloth and were perceived as wasteful and therefore unpatriotic.

Most likely in southern California most of the damned things came from Mexico anyway. Mexico was neutral in WW2 and cloth wasn't rationed down there. SO where's the big deal? 

He was off post with a buddy and was confronted by a small group of disgruntled Chicano zoot suiters. His buddy was from that neck of the woods and simply pulled out a switchblade knife and asked them if they were coming at him all at once or one at a time and things settled down right then and there.

Stuff like that is so stupid and my guess is that if you dug deep enough the entire thing was over some couple of GIs that were prejudiced toward Mexicans or were just looking for someone to beat up. But whatever.

Over the years I suppose I have managed to accumulate a lot of off the wall stuff.

While I am not too likely to don the zoot suit and head off to the mall, having a pair of jodphurs and boots came in handy when I decided to rent a Stearman some time back. There are some things you just HAVE to dress for and an open cockpit biplane is one of them.

Anyone that gets into one in a ball cap and jeans ought to get a boot in the ass. They should, at the very least, be wearing a leather jacket, white scarf, helmet and goggles.

Anyway, thinking about it, if the zoot suit fits it might be something to wear to my 50th high school reunion.

I ought to go through that footlocker sometime soon and see what kind of off the wall crap I've accumulated.

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