Friday, May 20, 2016

The thing that made me lose all faith in the mainstream media was

 the way they handled the Trayvon Martin shooting.

The whole thing was a series of lies, half lies, half truths, omissions and just about ever cheap shot you cold imagine.

George Zimmerman was painted up as a fiend that sneaked up on a cute little child and gunned him down in cold blood.

I would imagine if it was not for the Internet they could have gotten away with it. The pictures the MSM showed were all of a 12 year old cute little kid in a hoodie with an angelic face.

The pictures floating around on line showed a belligerent teen playing with guns, making gang signs and generally acting thuggish. They painted an entirely different picture of Martin.

George Zimmerman probably isn't going to find NASA at his doorstep looking for help with the re-entry vectors of the Space Shuttle. That's a given. I also don't expect the Pope to canonize him in the near future, either. 

I figure Zimmerman is just some dumbass that got himself in a jam of sorts by legally following someone that looked suspicious around. He got cornered when Martin assaulted him and used whatever was at hand to defend himself. He had a gun and used it.

According to Florida law and the evidence the case probably should never have come to trial and likely would not have if the MSM had been honest about things.

With the media circus going on and the President's anti gun ownership policies, Obama saw this as an opportunity to make firearm owners all look bad.

Of course, the MSM and president wanted to paint Zimmerman, a Hispanic, as a disgruntled white guy to play the race card with. Being Hispanic didn't fall into their category so they created one. Zimmerman got labeled as a 'White Hispanic'. That was a new one.

He wanted Zimmerman to burn for simply defending himself against an assailant. He wanted Zimmerman burned to the point that he sent the Department of Justice to see what they could trump up against him. The DOJ found nothing.

I suppose they found out Zimmerman was not the sharpest tool in the shed but that's not illegal. If it was most of our elected officials would be in jail now.

Between the MSM and the President sticking his nose into what was strictly a state level issue they in effect forced the State of Florida to charge and try Zimmerman. 

Zimmerman was found not guilty.

Of course, the MSM and the President were outraged but that's because their little agenda went sour on them. Truth is they all looked like fools.

From then on I have never trusted the mainstream media to do anything but push their agenda. For what it's worth, that includes Fox News.

In my opinion they are all liars.

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