Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When Texas

 told the feds to keep their money so they could leave the school bathrooms the way they are I took off my hat to them.

However, it's not only bathrooms but the schools themselves that are the subject of today's grumblings.

We ought to do away with the entire Department of Education because it is nothing more or less than a big pain in the ass. For one thing it hasn't educated a single kid.

(While we are at it, the Department of Energy hasn't produced a single kilowatt.)

It is nothing more or less than a government bureaucracy that gives away money to the states, counties and municipalities to get them to tow the line of whoever is in power. It is nothing more than a bribing bully.

In order to get the money from the feds the schools have to meet certain requirements. These tend to change depending on which party is running things and how congress feels about whatever that particular day.

What bullshit!

If the DOE was eliminated it would cut a chunk out of the federal budget and push education down to where it belongs. Education belongs at a state or federal level. That way the residents of the municipality can make sure the kids are getting the kind of education they want them to get.

Yes, it WILL increase local taxes but you have to realize that it will (or should) decrease federal taxes a bit. I know it likely won't right now but if we begin as a people to stop looking to the morons in Washington DC to solve our problems and we start solving our own problems we would be a whole lot better off.

For one thing the kids would be closer to getting the kind of education the parents want their kids to get. Right now they get what 535 stuffed shirts in Washington decide they should get.

What in hell does a guy that represents a major city area know about the needs of a dairy farming community in Kansas? Not a damned thing. Yet he sits in his seat in congress and decides what is good for them. If you asked this big city congressman to help himself to a drink of milk he'd probably get kicked in the head by the cow...if you could get him within 50 feet of the hapless animal.

Kids do need an education and even though I don't have any I have no problem with paying the school tax. Of course, I would like to see some sore of reasonable results. Can the kid that just rang up my groceries at least give me the right change?

People reading this might be fearful and think that the quality of education would drop if the DoE was eliminated but I don't. It would probably improve. The local parents, city and townspeople would probably see to that. If they don't, it's on them.

We send a lot of responsibility up the chain and this is wrong. How can someone so far away and insulated meet our needs when he is so far away?

There is an old saying I have heard for years and we have to bite the bullet and start doing things right. We all know that if you want it done right you have to do it yourself.

This holds true even in educating our kids.

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