Saturday, May 7, 2016

It is still dark and I am awake

which seems to be par golf for old men. I have not slept in to any extent in several years. I guess it is a part of getting old.

It is too damned early to be doing anything. Stores are closed and will not be open for a few hours. It's dark out so that precludes doing anything outside. 

The house probably should have gotten a spring cleaning but I was too damned busy outside and have not gotten to it yet. I suppose this might be a good time to get that done. I have done this before. Early mornings are good for getting things like that done.


There are three messages on the new answering machine. I just replaced the old one that finally crapped out. "You know how it works. Use it." is the message I put on it. That's probably about as good as any message I can think of.

Those machines have been around for decades yet everyone seems to put instructional messages on them like they are the first kid on the block to have one.


I am rapidly losing faith in the government of the United States of America which is one thing. What is truly scary is that I am losing faith in her people.

We have an economy cratering, a massive illegal immigration problem, a government that insists on bringing in people that are incompatible with western civilization at an alarming rate.

The government has been trampling our rights and it looks like the basis of our freedoms is going to be challenged by Hillary if she gets elected.

Yet everyone seems to want to fight over which bathroom to use.

Like it or not, the only one of the three candidates in the running that seems to be willing to tackle any of these problems is Donald Trump.

Yes, it's sad.

Had you told me seven or eight months ago that he was going to run for president I would have died laughing. Now it looks like I am most likely going to vote for him.


It is now getting to first light and I think I will get dressed and head outside and tackle a small project.

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