Friday, May 27, 2016

Political statements at work.

How about no?

You are there to work and you don't have a right to express your opinions on their dime.

What brought this on is there's an article I read about a women that wore an "America never was great" ball cap to work at Home Depot. It caused an outcry from customers and the Home Depot people told her to ditch the hat while at work.

Fair enough. Their business, their rules. Most smart businesses steer very clear of the social and political arenas because it's bad for business. Chick-Fil-A and most recently Target are a couple that entered the fray and it cost them a lot of business.

They don't need some entry level employee dragging them into it.

She got off light. She kept her job. Most places would have outright fired her and I am surprised Home Depot didn't for all the stir she caused. My guess is that they figured that simply telling her not to wear it would cause the smallest amount of furor.

I do believe she is a dumbass, though and will likely get canned because I read in an interview she intends to wear it again at work.

I would imagine her days at Home Depot are limited because if I were running the store I'd find some legitimate reason to get rid of her. What? Late for work? Adios.

If or when she does she'll probably get canned and won't have anyone to blame but herself. It's fair. She's been warned.

Personally I wish she'd just leave but people like that won't because they have it too good here.

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