Thursday, May 26, 2016

The following is someone else's opinion.

Look.... I don't care who a person sleeps with. I don't care if they think they are something or someone they are not. I don't care if a person dresses up as the opposite sex. Why? Because ultimately, all of this is between you and God, and is not my responsibility. So, live and let live. 

But when you shove it in my face.. When you (or the .gov) demand that I accept this behavior... and demand that I compromise my beliefs and values to embrace these.... And tell me that my own religious beliefs are not a valid reason to oppose such deviant behavior... Well, Houston... we have a problem!! A line has been crossed. 

You have now taken a person who was neutral to your cause... and could've cared less... and have made him an "Anti". I was pushed here... you backed me into the corner. I'm being pushed to take a stand for my own beliefs and principles. By demanding that people with a penis have a "right" to enter the woman's bathrooms. locker room, and dressing room... You have made it my business as my wife and children use those facilities, and they shouldn't be subject to having to see your junk, in order to make you feel better about yourself.


To a great extent I feel pretty much the same way. I have been pushed to take a side and the interesting part I am not going to side with the LGBT community OR the straight community. I'll side with both of these two factions.

I'm pissed off and both the Social Justice Warriors that started this mess and the government for being stupid and power hungry to get involved.

It's time to rein in the little troublemakers that call themselves Social Justice Warriors. They're the ones that started this mess. They don't realize it but they have harmed the LGBT community a lot more than they have harmed the rest of us.

Things were pretty much under control and transgenders were pretty much left to themselves until those twisted little dweeb do-gooders started the fray.

No, I am no advocate of violence but I do believe in social justice. If a group of the LGBT community were to find one of these jerks, soak them in gasoline and throw a match at him or her I would have to run away before it happened. That way I could not be forced to testify against anyone.

Their screams would be unheard by me. I would not dial 9-11 and I would actually have the nerve to tell a policeman that I ran away specifically so I didn't see or hear anything.

I'd do the same for the straight community.

Now the next group to feel my wrath is North Carolinian state government and the feds for getting involved in this issue in the first place. It's not a governmental issue.

I do agree with the State of Texas for telling the feds to stuff it, though. It was none of their business.

This issue had been settled at a grass roots level for decades before the feds stepped in.

Men's and woman's rooms actually had a little flexibility before Big Brother stepped in. Women occasionally took their small sons into the men's room and sometimes dear old dad took darling daughter into the woman's room to help their toddlers out. It is what parents do and nobody objected.

Most men chuckle when that happens. Either they have or have been around little kids. They know what's going on. I'm pretty sure woman are as compassionate. They probably respect the father for taking such good care of the daughter.

There are not too many guys that travel extensively or attend sporting events that haven't had the sanctity of the men's room crashed by women that just couldn't wait because the lines at the woman's room were too long. Most men pay them no mind.

One time I as I was standing at a urinal I had a woman come in griping that the woman's room was a pig sty. I laughed as she headed to a stall.

There it was until a few weeks ago. A grass roots issue that seemed to have been settled for decades. A sleeping dog.

As for the transgender community?

They were discrete and used whichever room was appropriate and headed straight to the privacy of the stalls. Either nobody knew or nobody seemed to care. Nobody I know of had any objections...until the Social Justice Warriors created a problem where there wasn't any.

Personally I would like to see both the LGBT community and the straight community chase those little social justice dweebs out of their mama's basements and into the streets and give them a chance to show us how tough they are.

Show them that there are no campus 'safe spaces' in the alley behind the Chinese restaurant and leave them beaten senseless.

The guilty party here isn't the LGBT community. It's the social justice types that start this stupidity to begin with.

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