Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Not a whole lot of people understand what is going on with our political system. Both parties are in trouble. The Republicans are in the most visible trouble, but there are a lot of fuming Democrats.

Donald Trump is the product of pissed off Republicans telling the GOPe elites that they are fed up and pissed off with the them. They are tired of the elites looking out for their own agendas and not the membership.

The Democrats, with their present slate of possible candidates are pretty pissed off, too. Their two candidates are a socialist and a criminal.

You have to remember that there are an awful lot of Democrats that are moderates and they are not fervent socialists. They are middle of the road union employee working stiffs. They pack a lunch pail to work like most of us do.

I've personally heard a few say they do not like the present slate of Democratic candidates one single bit.

It you look at the momentum behind Trump becoming the presumptive candidate you will see that GOPe fought him every step of the way. What happened is the harder the GOP elites tried to trip Trump up the harder the Republican rank and file fought back. The percentages of his victories at the polls grew with each passing. 

Right now I read where one of the Cruz superpacs is funnelling money to the Hillary campaign. I'm not surprised. GOPe would rather lose the election than see Trump elected.

GOPe is terrified of him and so are the elites in the Democratic party. They are terrified of him and I see why.

Right now if people can stop and think for a second and take their blinders off, voting for Donald Trump will send a powerful and clear message to the party elites of both sides that we, the people are sick and tired of them. We're sick and tired of party bosses running the party for their own agenda and profit instead of the benefit of the rank and file.

Right now the way I see it, a vote for Trump is a vote for mutiny against the elites of both parties. The average guy has been getting screwed for years. The party bosses have been selling our rights away to the highest bidder for decades.

Trump's politics really are not aligned with mine 100%. He's actually somewhat in the middle of the road. My politics are actually to the right of Ted Cruz. I'm a Constitutional Libertarian of sorts. But that's OK. I realize I am never going to see someone like that run much less win.

Right now I'm willing to put that aside for now and tell those bastard party elites of BOTH sides that I'm sick and tired of them.

The American people gave the Republican party BOTH houses of congress to slow the spending and policies of the Obama administration down. They have done nothing but rolled over and become the president's lapdogs. Spending has continued unchecked. More and more we are losing our rights.

The Democrats are selling us a socialist and a woman that wants to destroy our Constitutional rights. For an awful lot of Democrats, that's not the party of Harry Truman and JFK that they joined.

Right now Donald J. Trump is the vehicle that the American public can use to tell BOTH parties to go to hell.

I do have to admit that there are two things I like about him. He supports the Second Amendment and he has all of the right enemies.

I don't judge a man by his friends. I judge him by his enemies. If you look at Donald Trump he certainly seems to have all of the right enemies.

Truth be known, he's a brash, loud asshole. I won't deny it. He's not regal and presidential but he has taken a position on national security and immigration that none of the other candidates have. 

I do believe he is putting America first unlike the rest of the candidates. He has our best interests at heart which is more than they can say for Hillary and the elites of both parties that are there for themselves.

I think it's high time to get behind Donald Trump and send a loud and clear message that we are tired of business as usual. For that reason I'm putting my personal politics aside and sending a message to the elites of both parties by supporting Trump.

I saw a bumper sticker that said: Trump. Not the president we want, but the asshole we need.

I can live with that. There's a lot more than a germ of truth to it. 

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