Sunday, May 15, 2016

Well, well,well! My, oh my!

Now President Obama has gotten involved in the great bathroom bally-ho and laid down the law!

Now ya went an done it! The prez just got pissed and is laying down the law...except for in Texas. They just told the feds to take their government money and shove it.

God bless Texas!

President Obama has stuck his nose into things since practically Day One when he stepped into a minor police-citizen understanding early in his presidency.

A white cop stopped and interrogated a black resident in a white neighborhood. Blacks in that particular neighborhood were scarce and the cop simply obeyed his training and saw something out of place and checked the man out.

I suppose it would not have been too long that the cop and resident would have gotten along well if the situation had run its natural course. Instead, grandstanding Obama dragged the couple to the white house and forced the two of them to meet each other in what was likely pretty uncomfortable circumstances.

I doubt either the cop or the citizen could open up at the White House and everything was choreographed. 

Anyway, it seems that President Obama has had a habit of thinking that getting the feds involved in every highly publicized boo- ha is a stroke of genius. Piccolo thinks its a stroke of stupidity.

The president dragged the feds into the Treyvon Martin shooting and took what was likely a simple state level case of a self-defense shooting and turned it into a three ring circus.

The shooter, George Zimmerman, was found not guilty by a Florida jury. That should have ended it but President Obama sent the justice department to investigate. When all was said and done,  the DOJ couldn't find anything to pin on Zimmerman.

The entire mess was strictly a state level situation that should of been handled with no federal intervention.

The truth of the matter was the president was looking for something to make him look important. Instead it made him look meddlesome which he seems to be to me.

Just the other day the damned fool came charging into the so-called bathroom controversy. North Carolina (in my opinion, foolishly. I'll explain later) enacted a law regarding public bathrooms. The president has ordered the DOJ to sue the state and the state has counter sued.

Again, Obama has stuck his nose into the business of the state where it doesn't belong. He has ordered the public schools to let people use what ever bathrooms they self-identify with. It is assumed that if this isn't obeyed than the state will lose federal educational funding. Texas has told them to keep their money. I wish more states would.

The way I see it this whole bally-hoo is a bunch of nothing that has been drummed out of thin air. It wasn't an issue two months ago. It is probably just some kind of created out of thin air controversy to both keep the people divided and fighting while they sneak something else we don't like through.

A couple of months ago everyone seemed to quietly know which bathrooms to use and whatever the public was doing they seemed to be doing well. People would go to the bathroom to relieve their bowels in peace and quiet. instead they now get them in an uproar. It really was that simple.

The last thing we need now is for the feds to get involved in an issue that really isn't even a state, or even county issue. It's a very, very local issue.

When you think about it and look at places like San Francisco and Atlanta and compare them to Cut and Shoot, TX or Intercourse, PA you are going to see a very different set of values in a lot of things.

Atlanta and San Francisco have fairly large gay populations. Cut and Shoot is just a little hole-in-the-wall in Texas and Intercourse is right smack dab in the center of Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) country.

Their local manners and customs are different. Never having been to Cut and Shoot, I really can't say a whole lot about what goes on there but I would likely say that the people there have their local customs established. After all, I have heard of no cutting or shooting coming there so I presume that they are at peace with themselves in spite of their colorful names.

I have never been to San Francisco per se. I would imagine the gay and straight community pretty much have their differences sorted out.

I have been to Intercourse and stopped off for a meal or three there in one of the restaurants serving Amish food. I used the men's room there with no problems and from what I saw people just seemed to use whatever was comfortable. I didn't grope anyone to see what was under their clothing so I don't really know. 

All I can say about the limited experience there is that it seems that things to work fairly well both inside and outside of at can.

In Atlanta I was the guest of a friend there and we wandered through the downtown area and took in a few night's worth of entertainment. The music is pretty good there.

One night we took in a pretty good band in a gay bar and as a male I simply used the men's room. My lady friend came back from the lady's room once and grinned. She said she noticed the feet in the next stall were pointed toward the toilet. We chuckled and that was that.

Incidentally for those of you that have never been in a gay bar I'll let you in on a little secret. The beer there actually tastes the same.

Maybe seeing a set of feet pointed toward the toilet in the lady's room might stir us some consternation in Intercourse or Cut and Shoot, maybe not. I can't say.

Still, what goes on in different towns is really the business of the town's residents. The federal government has no business stepping in. Frankly I don't even see where the state government should occupy themselves with the issue as it has been settled amicably since Day One on a local basis.

If the feds jump in on this stupidity the law(s) will simply be flouted. People will likely continue doing what they have done since the beginning of time. All it is going to do is make the feds look stupid...again.

Of course looking stupid is nothing unusual for the present administration.

Incidentally I think that Donald Trump had the right idea. When asked, he simply said, "Leave it the way it is." It makes sense to me.

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