Sunday, May 1, 2016

A change in course for a couple of days.

After yesterdays post I decided to veer off the normal course and look back at a couple of women I knew that I was not romantically involved with but became friends of sorts and impacted my life.

Debbie was a woman I occasionally did a few things with. She was entirely out of my social circles yet we respected each other.

You have to remember I was considered somewhat of a scurvy character at the time living in a 12 foot camper/trailer. She, of course was living like a civilized human being.

Deb was occasionally outrageous but it happened seldom enough that it made eyebrows raise.

 I pranked her one night at one of the bars in town. She was alone and sitting at a table which was rare. I didn't ask, I simply sat down and we chatted a little.The band was playing and was a bit on the loud side.

When a band stops playing there is a lull between the time they stop playing and everyone starts talking. I was quick that night. 

When the band stopped playing I said in a loud voice, "No, I don't want to marry you. You out of your tree? I just want cheap sex from you!"

Of course, everyone looked at the table and Deb knew she had been had by a professional. She threw her head back and laughed. Then she looked at me and said loudly, "We're out of here!"

We both got up and left through the restaurant. On the way out she said quietly, "You didn't get lucky but I will buy you a drink at the Village. Amy is going to have a field day with this." Amy was the village gossip. She was a waiterss there and heard the entire thing,

We sat down in the village and gabbed a bit. She was funny.

I suppose the gossip crowd is going to ask you what the hell happened," I said.

"Oh, who cares?" she asked rhetorically. "I suppose I'll tell Amy that you left me sore for a week. Why not? I imagine you'll have all sorts of women chasing you after that!"

I laughed. Amy was a town gossip. I also knew that Debbie was going to be immediately friend zoned. She had a sense of humor and imagination and didn't give a damn. Friends like this are invaluable. My gut told me that it was the way to handle the situation.

Debbie was about a head taller than I was. She actually had a nice figure and was on the topheavy side which made her all the more physically attractive to me. I do not know why but I have always been attracted to taller than me busty women. Maybe it is because in a previous life I was a farmer. I wanted someone I could love, milk and pull the plow. Who knows?

Still, the biggest attraction was that she had a wonderful sense of humor. If the laugh  was on her? So what!

There were an awful lot of times the laugh was on me and it cost me nothing. In fact in another light a laugh on me was often a profit.

We finished our drinks and I ordered a couple more. I was professional enough to know she could likely hold more liquor than me. The fix was not in at this joint. I had to man up and recoginze a possible oncoming alcohol fog.

The waitress came by with our drinks. She had a mouth on her, meaning she was a gossip. As she delivered them I turned to Deb.

"Will you marry me?" I asked.

"Oh, God, yes!" she replied. 

I paid for our drinks and she looked at me and she kept a straight face. "I have wanted you to ask me this since the day I met you!"

When the waitress left Deb had a hard time keeping a straight face. "You asshole," she said. But she was clearly amused.

She took a pull off of her drink. "I suppose I'm not going to get a quickie in the bed of my pickup tonight, am I?"

She snarfed. Good Canadian whisky came out of her nose. I know it burned. But she laughed anyway. Anyone that can laugh with a nose full of CC has to be amused.

"I already got one a$$hole inn my pants now. There's not room for two!" she shot back. 

"Sucks to be me," I laughed.

We finished our drinks and she asked me for one favor. "Drop me off and leave your pickup outside my place. Amy is going to cruise on by. I don't want to disappoint her."

I laughed and dropped her off. I wasn't plastered by the rules in effect by the time and did what she asked. I knew Amy was going to look like a fool in the immediate future. So was the waitress that overheard my proposal.

I walked home. It really wasn't fa Still, a cop saw me and gave me a ride. While he knew where I lived it was technically illegal so he covered his ass not dropping me at my door. I actually got a pass because it was known by the air service operator that on windy nights I'd check tie-downs on his planes. It was one of the things I liked about Kodiak. You could earn your keep and the laws were applied with common sense. If you contributed the small stuff was overlooked. The air service liked having me there.

A week later I ran into Deb and she told me Amy had made a complete idiot of herself by running her mouth. 'What's new?" I asked her. She grinned.

"You look like hell," I said. "Wanna unwind an go to a movie with me? I could use the company."

"I'd fall asleep," she said.

"So?" I replied.

She looked at me thoughfully. "Yeah. I could use a place to unwind. Meet you in 10 minutes."

Twenty minutes later she showed in on high heels and I laughed. She was now at least a head taller than I was.

We looked like Laurel and Hardy. She was at least 6'2 and I was about 5'7. 

She was good to her word. She fell asleep during the movie. I looked over at her and smiled. When the credits were up on the screen I quietly woke her. She was embarrassed. I told her not to be. We left and had a quick drink together. I dropped her off and the thanked me. I went home quietly amused. I knew she was comfortable with me enough to unwind.

A couple of weeks past and I ran into her again. I was pretty beat. "I want to sleep with you tonight. There's a new movie at the Opium Theater. Let's catch it. I hear it's really boring."

She laughed and told me I had a sick sense of humor and offered to buy. I told her they owed me a couple of tickets as I had done them a favor.

She offered to buy drinks as she was a part time bartender and Louie was working. I knew this meant Louie owed her a few. Bartenders trade thing off. Deb was a part time bartender.

She looked at her watch and said we had time so we wandered into the bar Louie was working at and both ordered Cognac. It makes me sleepy. We knocked a pair of doubles back and made it to the Opium Theater on time for the show.

We both promptly fell asleep.

Seeing she was taller than me I fell asleep with my head on her shoulder. She fell asleep with her head atop mine. The owner woke us up. We were both out like a light.

He was singine "Wake up, Little Susie". we both woke up laughing. I actually felt quite refreshed. It had been a rough week. Debbie commented she felt the same way.

What was interesting is that we both knew our lives were quite different. What we shared is that we liked each other's company, but in small doses. We both shared a sense of outrageousness and really didn't give a damn about a lot of things. Still, there was little sexual chemistry there. We both knew it and didn't bother heading in that direction. We were far too different.

When I invited her to join the Raft Race team I was on she looked crestfallen. She said that she was already committed and quietly confessed she'd have a lot more fun with my team. After the race she said she saw our antics and wished she hadn't committed to the other team.

We were never even close to being any kind of a unit and really didn't want to be, either. We would occasionally run into each other and do something together. Always something small like have lunch together.

In fact, the entire time we knew each other I don't recall either of us being in one another's apartment or my trailer. It was strictly a meet on the street kind of thing.

It's rather odd I write about someone that was actually kind of a non-relationship but the truth is I think we simply brightened each other's day from time to time.

It's odd that I sit here remembering her after all these years. On the other hand maybe it isn't. At the time I was living by my wits in a camper in Kodiak and so to speak, at the bottom of the local social structure. Sometimes snobs treated me poorly...or tried to. 

I do remember the time I had to deal with a city councilman that was all puffed up and wanted me to kiss his ass. I told him that the attendant at the local dump did more for me than he did and watched him sit there outraged.

Debbie was in the greasy spoon that morning and sitting nearby with someone else and looked up. She laughed and looked at the city councilman. 

"From his point of view, he's probably right," she said."He just fixed his pickup with parts he got from the dump in exchange for a bottle of scotch. What have you done for him except for making his life miserable by telling the cops to harrass the little guys that come up her to man the canneries and keep the town running? I can certainly see where the guy at the dump impacts his life far more favorably than the city council does." 

Looking back on it, Debbie gave me a certain sense of value. I would cheer up when I ran into her and she seemed to do the same thing. 

I keep saying it doesn't take much and I suppose my time spent with Debbie wasn't really much but it did leave a lasting impact on me. It taught me to give value to people.

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