Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The email that led to a post

 I made a couple of days ago opened a whole lot of memories, mainly of mischief.

I remember the time a young woman in her early 20s settled an old score with me and I do have to admit that it was hilarious. I had teased her as a kid and she got her pound of flesh out of me.

She knew I was headed to the mall and ran into the house and dolled herself up in her shortest skirt and put on her makeup. The she waited abut 5 or 10 minutes until I left and followed me.

She knew where I was going and 'accidentally' ran into me and gave me some excuse or another as to why she was there and said her car was dead and needed a ride home.

As we were walking along she saw what she was looking for. It was a nosey looking group of three or four old ladies. That's where she sprung her trap. 

She held up her car keys and squealed. "A brand new Corvette for me? How sweet!" and planed a kiss on me. "Can we pick it up now or after we get back from Hawaii?"

I had been had and I knew it. I recovered as best I could. "Let's go pick it up now!" I said, trying to recover.

The look on the old woman was priceless and I knew they thought I was an old fool chasing a young girl less than half my age. I admit, I laughed. I had been had and a joke on me had cost me nothing.

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