Saturday, May 21, 2016

One of the things I can't wait for to happen

 before the general election is the celebrities to start threatening to leave if Donald Trump gets elected.

I wish there was some way we could hold those spoiled brats to it. 

Truth is that it becomes just one more reason to vote for Donald Trump. I wonder if Trump is going to use that in his campaign?

"Here's the latest list of celebrities that are going to leaveif I'm elected," says Trump. He starts reading the list and commenting.

"Hmm. Rosie, huh? Good. We'll all be glad to get rid of her fat ass and big mouth. Oh yeah. Here's another one...wait a minute...What's he doing on the celebrity list? Has anyone ever heard of this jerk?"

Trump is probably too smooth and polished to do something like that but maybe not. I seriously think an awful lot of us would be amused to hear a presidential candidate actually do something like that.

However, it Trump does win I hope he makes an offer to fly these people out of the country on an old C-130 or something. I'd love to hear these people shamed like that.

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