Saturday, May 28, 2016

Well, Old Jug Ears went to Hiroshima

 and started blubbering about how the bombing of Hiroshima was evil.

Listen, Jug Ears, a far better president than you anguished over the decision to drop it over 70 years ago and he made the right decision. Period.

One of the things President Harry S. Truman looked into carefully is how many lives of BOTH sides could be saved if the bomb shocked the Japanese into surrendering.

MacArthur estimated a million GI casualties.

The Japanese themselves estimated that they would lose at least 20 million people if the Allies invaded Japan. They knew there would be no divine wind to blow up a storm like what happened in 1274 and again in 1281. Both of those times Mongol invasions were stopped cold by storms that tore up the Mongol fleets. 

They knew that it wasn't going to happen in early '46.

The truth of the matter is that while the Japanese lost an estimated 80,000 people when Hiroshima was bombed. However, a few months earlier the Tokyo firebombing on 8-9 March, 1945 caused the Japanese to suffer 100,000 deaths.

All in all a better president thant the one we have now took the bull by the horns and ordered the bombings in a serious and successful attempt to stop the bloodletting.

And now you want to apologize for it.

I bear no ill will toward the Japanese. In the contrary I have met any number of Japanese over the years and for the most part they have been polite, decent people.

Still, in 1945 we were at war with them and it was a war we did not start. They did. 

I'm not here to dig up a lot of histroy and open up wounds between us and the Japanese. They are a wonderful ally these days and we ought to stand by them if they need help. For one thing the Japanese PEOPLE--not the government--the PEOPLE drummed up $13 million for disaster relief.

In short I am not here to bad-mouth the Japanese.

Still, this is now 2016 and not 1945. The war has been over for over 70 years and we bear no animosity toward the Japanese.

On the other hand, back in 1945  REAL American president made a decision that actually saved Japan who at that time was a belligerent nation in a war with us.

Harry Truman made a decision that saved a Million GI casualties and probably over 20,000,000 Japanese deaths.

For that we owe nobody and apology.

Jug Ears should have kept his whiney, pouty fat mouth shut.

One other thing, Mr. President. You ain't a pimple on Harry Truman's ass.


When I heard the Japanese prime minister groused about a serviceman on Okinawa murdering a woman I thought it was a cheap shot and showed Obama (and by extension Americans in general) disrespect.

I do believe I would have quietly told him he was lucky I chose to arrive on Air Force One instead of a B-29.

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  1. Pic, Jug-Ears, the Pretender in Chief also forgot these were dead ENEMY. Period.

    An Enemy who revered an asshole that was sacrificing them to the war as if he was a god.

    They deserved to be F#%ked-Over and I for one am damn glad we did it.