Monday, April 19, 2010

bungee cords are like P-38 can openers.

Whatever genius invented that little piece of kit should go down in history as one of the smartest guys that ever lived.

Like most things that work flawlessly, the bungee cord is simple, just a piece of elastic with a hook on each end. The uses are endless.

Guys at sea bet their lives on them and they always seem to work.

The troops use 'em, and so does just about everyone else on the planet that is evenly remotely civilized.

They're better than rope for quite a number of applications and require no knot tying skills, just hook the 2 ends to something or ever to each other and you now have something pretty well secured.

They pop up everywhere, anyone that's even ridden in a pickup truck has lost 10 of 'em. At least. Maybe more.

They get used for just about everything. Door closers, fence latches, tie-downs for lumber and stuff, holding things together, attaching sleeping bags to packs, you name it. The universal tool.

I've seen them used to jury rig a diesel engine before!

If one of them is too short to do the job, simply hook a couple of them together, no biggie.

It's funny how much entire civilizations rely on something as simple as a bungee cord.

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