Saturday, April 17, 2010

there is a lot of stuff that I really

don't want.

The other day I looked at a Ferrari. It was nice to look at, and several years ago I actually got to drive one. They are neat, very well made and so on and so forth, but I really don't want one.

I also don't want a loaded full-sized pickup, either. I'm a Toyota Tacoma sort of a guy and that's what I like.

I had a dream a while ago, one of the few that I remember, that I had done something that saved the city a fortune and the mayor was offering me any sort of vehicle I wanted.

I wanted a 4 cylinder Tacoma and that's when I had to explain that it was simply what I wanted because the damned mayor started in with the "We can do better than that" crap.

I recall trying to explain to the mayor that I did not WANT a full-sized pickup or some fancy car and that if he insisted that I would just trade it for what I wanted.

Of course, he didn't understand why a guy wouldn't just jump at the offer of a huge, V-8 loaded with every option pickup. He thought I was just being shy or something.

The truth is, if I won a gazillion dollar lottery and could drive anything, I would have the same two vehicles in my life that I do now.

I would have a Mazda Miata, the first generation and it would be set up the way mine is right now. What I would do is have one of those California rebuild shops rebuild it, though. Or maybe I'd snag a low milage one and have it gone over and set up the way mine is.

My other vehicle would be a Tacoma with a 4 cylinder engine and a 5 speed, which is what I have now, only I'd get one that had no air and no power steering because I really don't like that stuff. I like my vehicles simple and reliable.

It's somewhat of an annoyance when I try and get something simple or inexpensive and ppeople think they are doing me a favor when they snag me something bigger or more expensive.

I am not alone in this, as I have a friend that drinks an inexpensive brand of scotch because he likes it. He tells me that people think they are doing him a big favor when they buy him a drink of 'the good stuff' and it really annoys him.

He drinks the inexpensive hootch because he like it. He can well afford to drink a more expensive brand, but he simply likes the cheaper brand.

I certainly understand his frustration because things like that happen to me a lot.

Several years ago I was on a camp job and we ate like kings, steak and lobster were a very common ocurrance. One day I asked one of the cooks if he could make an occasional dish like a stew or maybe a pot of chili. I told him I was a simple country boy.

He laughed and said "God bless you, Son, but if I ever served something like that there would be a full blown riot out here."

Go figure.

Then again, I am such a simpleton that I just worship the simplicity and utile of the five-cent P-38 can opener.

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