Friday, April 30, 2010

There ought to be a Texas exemption to the old saw

about back in the day having to walk to school for 5 miles through 4 feet of snow uphill both ways while carrying a cello.

I have told kids I did that, and of course, they scowl at me.

I once asked a guy if he told his kids that, and he explained that as Texans, he’d never get away with that one.

I hereby propose an exemption to be given to the fathers of young Texans so they will not be left out of the Great American Tradition of feeding their sons a classic Sob Sister tale of woe.

Page 14, article 3, subsection D, paragraph four is hereby added to with amendment 6-B which reads as follows: Texans are exempt from the line ‘5 miles through four feet of snow’ and may substitute ‘barefoot through five miles of cactus and rattlesnakes’ in it’s stead.

This means that Texan fathers shall tell their kids that ‘They walked to school barefoot through 5 miles of cactus and rattlesnakes, uphill both ways, while carrying a cello.’

Sounds pretty official to me.

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