Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am picking the Miata up today

It has had some work done on it.

I will update later today.

The Miata is now home. It runs like a top.

It now has a new timing belt, water pump, generator belt, cam and crankshaft seals and valve cover gasket.

There are new wheels and tires on it, too, and the price was dirt cheap.

Bought the tires on line, and swapped helping out a local guy to install them.

I also bought the parts.

The new wheels I traded for, and the installation of the engine parts I traded for.

I got a set of older, but classical rims from someone getting rid of them. I was going to use them, but I found out the offset was wrong for the Miata, so I put them aside.

Then I got a set of wheels off a '97 Miata in a trade, it came with very servicible tires, but I wanted to put Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position tires on them, so I swapped the rubber out. I put the Bridgestones in the new wheels and took the older tires and put them in a pile with the older, classical rims.

These rims and tires I swapped off for installation of the engine parts.

All in all a good deal.

A lot less cash changed hands and a lot of valuable work got done. I had nothing to gripe about.

I like trading goods and services because it not only saves money, but both sides can come out in a win/win situation. Both sides do well because they both get what they want cheaply.

Barter is the way to go if you can set it up.

Works for me.

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