Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mrs Pic busted her tail last fall making the

back yard look good. It looked like a little fairyland when she was done.

Old Man Winter didn't tear it up too bad, either.

Enter carpenter ants that ate the base of a couple of pine trees. A while ago one fell on it's own and landed iin my neighbors yard, which was no big deal as they are pretty good about stuff like that.

The other two I took down a couple of days ago, not because I wanted to, but because I decided that it would be a lot better and safer to have a little control over things.

Now comes the remainder of the clean up work today.

I am going to do a careful job of making things look good because the job Mrs Pic did in the back yard last fall should be treated with a little respect.

The backyard warrants it and Mrs Pic deserves it.

The tree mess will be cleaned up so it looks like it was never theee to begin with.

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