Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have mentioned looking for new rubber for the Miata

because I want good performance tires for the summer. I have plans of entering it in an autocross, even though I have been out and away from sports car racing for almost 4 decades.

Now I have to fess up that when I went into the tire store I looked and I believe that I have been chasing what I may already have.

Of course, the tires I have are not exactly what I have been looking at for the past several weeks, but I do believe they are close. I will have to get Neighbor Bob to walk up the street and check up for me to make sure.

Most people do not understand tires, which is probably par as there are a lot of things people do not understand which is why the country is on it's ass now. Let's not go there.

Let's look at tires.

Every tire is a compromise of some sort.

Touring tires are probably good for the family car. They provide a nice ride and handle ok in the rain and light snow, which is good enough for Suzy Soccormom and Joe Homeowner. They are exactly what I DON'T want.

Performance tires hold the road a little better, but at the expense of a more comfortable ride. For the Miata this is acceptable as the Miata already rides like a brick because I have set the suspension up with stiff Bilstein HD shocks and oversized sway bars. It is not a touring car, but a fun car. If I drove it to Philly I would need 3 people to get my stiff old body out of it.

There are summer tires and winter tires, both are different in their characteristics and uses.

Ultra high performance summer tires are for use on dry roads only, and have a tendency to hydroplane in wet weather. They put a lot of rubber on the road and stick well in twisty, but dry road situations.At first I thought this was the way to go, but I rethought. What to do in rain? On the other hand, the Miata isn't a rainy day car.

While i was mulling this over, someone told me about a damned good compromise,an ultra high performance, all season tire that would sacrifice a little dry road stickiness with pretty good wet weather grip.

I went to the tire store and saw what I was looking for, and noticed the brand I already have. The 2 looked pretty close, and if I am right, I may already have something close enought to what I want without having to set up another set of wheels.

I'll save a pretty penny, which is OK by me.

I gotta get Neighbor Bob onthe horn to check it out for me.

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