Monday, April 5, 2010

I am a happy camper.

I finally got the Official Tarzan Yell as my ringtone. I did it by going through the back door.

Tracfone has some kind of deal whereby you have to buy their ringtones and theirs only because they have some kind f software in their phones.

I switched today from Tracfone to Straight Talk through Wally World.

Seeing these days the maintainence people are asking for pictures sent to them when something has to be repaired, I deemed it a good thing to upgrade my phone while I was at it. I can now take pictures, which means nothing to me personally, but it DOES mean I caan be a little more helpful at work.

Anyway, there is a voice recorder in the phone so I recorded the yell and found out you could use the recording as a ringtone.

Pretty cool!

Next thing, as a spare, I am going to get one of the woman at work that is a pretty good actress to scream out something that you would hear on the Jerry Springer Show, half of which get bleeped out.

I met a guy that was the victim of a prank whereby someone changed his ringtone to "You Bas74rd! You been screwin' my sister again! Get out! I hate you! Get out of my house!"

The guy that was victim to the prank was a pretty straight sort of guy and he was humiliated and I could see why. I helped him change it to one of those default tones, but I'd really like that as a spare for out here at sea where nobody cares and the sense of humor is a little more tolorable.

Anyway, I got my Tarzan tone, so I am a happy camper.

It doesn't take much.

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