Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In about 9 hours I go home for a while

Today I ran an errand, and it was interesting. I noticed a cop behind me, which didn't bother me too much,as I am not too much of a speed demon.

I pulled off the road into a parking lot owned by the city and he followed me, which surprised me, so I stopped and got out of the vehicle with both of my hands showing, and the cop stopped and got out.

I asked him if I did anything wrong and he said I had not, and that he was just going over to the end of the lot to get gas. I guess the city has a pump there.

I grinned and dryly said to him I could use half a tankful and that it would be nice to get back a couple of bucks that the governmant has taken from me to give to someone else and he smirked.

He said he knew just how I felt and he'd like to fill my tank, but there was a camera there.

He seemed like a pretty good guy, and all in all I must say it was a good encounter with a policeman and by Philly standards, an excellent encounter.

I really don't believe there was a camera there, though, because I'd just bet that half the police captains and higher ups fill their tanks regularly.

After all, this is Philly.

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