Friday, April 9, 2010

I had a chat with a lawyer I met a while back.

He was a black attorney and we were talking about cities. Boaton came up and he said that he saw how it was a neat city, but being balck, it was rather difficult.

I offered an explaination, which makes sense.

There is no excuse for this, the answer is racism, but it goes back to the Civil War when a number of blacks moved into the city and started working for less money than the newly arrived Irish.

Irish Alzheimer's is a reference to the memories of the Irish. Irish Alzheimers is when you forget everything but the grudges.

ANyway, the Irish have never forgotten this and as you know, historically the Irish head into the field of government jobs.

The stereotype Boston Irish cop is a lot like the East Indians running convenience stores in New Jersey. There were and still are a lot of them. Firemen, mailmen and a lot of city level jobs seem to be heavily sought after by the Irish.

They are in politics, and have done very well.

When you have a power structure heavily laden with people that have a reputation for carrying a grudge, it gets a little dicey.

The attorney was a pretty thoughtful guy and he seemed to understand where I was coming from when I explained it. He asked me about my Irish blood and I explained that I was raised in a smalll town outside of Boston and wasn't subject to all of the city crap. It was a wonderfully sheltered existance, so I wasn't exposed to any of that crap. We never really looked at color at all.

We got to simply be kids.

I am grateful for that.

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