Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Im thinking of taking the Miata across the state today

Mechanically it is good to go.

Still, there is another thing; I want to take it across the mountains and go to Philly via US 30 which is a joy to drive.

It's a route that goes through farm country and all the sights and smells of the farm are a joy to take in when you are driving an open cockpit sports car.

My love of this probably comes from my mother, she really loved the wind and the sun and the beach. She loved spending a week with me on my sailboat a couple of decades ago in Vancouver, BC.

Back when I was a youngster, my first car was an MGB with a real ratty top, but no worries. The top was seldom up, anyway.

On sultry nights my mother would sometimes ask to go for a ride to get out of the house, which I cheerfully obliged her with. It was one of the few things we shared.

If I do decide to take the Miata, it will be a ride in her memory.

We'll see.

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