Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am in my coolie outfit today

My coolie outfit is a pair of shorts I snagged a year or so ago. They go to the middle of my knee and have lots of room in them. I wore them last summer quite often, especially when I was gardening, generally with an oversized shirt and a grubby yachting cap.

It was and still is a funky, comfortable outfit and I suppose I'll wear it a lot this summer when I garden and run around doing things.

It started getting called my coolie outfit because of the way it fits me. It makes me look imanciated, like s prisoner of war that is building a bridge in the jungle or something. Someone said I looked like I was doing just that.

Shorts are an interesting item of clothing. I have watched how the fashion industry seems to change the length and fit of shorts over the years. Length and fit seem to change every so often, just so everyone starts to feel out of place and buys a couple of new outfits.

To me it is a joke. Shorts are shorts and should be just that; they should be short.

I like my shorts to go mid thigh, and loose enough to be comfortable. The coolie shorts I have on seem to bother me a bit because they go mid knee. It feels a bit odd having something rub against my knee periodically.

Of course, there is a booming razor blade industry in this great nation of ours, but the guys that designed these put the bottom of the cargo pocket about 1 1/2 inches about the hem, so that's not really much of an option.

Even though things change in the fashioon industry, there is one thing that has stayed pretty solid for the past four decades I can think of and that is cut-offs.

Cut off jeans are a permanent fixture in the warmer months, it seems that everyone owns at least one pair and they are still perfectly acceptable for some functions, like last minute informal neighborhood barbecues and mowing the lawn.

Cut-offs are sort of like blue blazers and khaki pants. They are a timeless classic and have never seemed to go away.

One thing about cut-offs is that the cutter can cut them any length he wants and it's OK. The length is not dictated by some tutti fruitti nancy-boy in Paris.

Still, I think I'll enjoy being in my coolie outfit because of one thing.

Thee weather has broken and I can wear it. Let's be grateful for that.

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