Thursday, April 22, 2010

We now have a peachy keen new and improved

hundred dollar bill.

Big deal.

In two weeks it won't buy as much as the old hundred dollar bill.
The do-gooder set has raised cain about waterboarding.

Guess what?

Would it surprise anyone to find out that this old man doesn't care.

If it keeps one single GI from getting a small blister on his left foot, than have at it. My sympathy for those people is in the dictionary. It is between $hit and syphilis, and I do not want either of those.


My ride across the state in the Miata was in memory of my mother. I have mentioned in an earlier post that she loved the sun and the wind. When she was in her 60s she spent a week with me on my sailboat. I think it was better for her health that way.

Had she accompanied me in that still riding little car, she'd have been sent straight to the cripple ward. I can still feel the vibration a day later.

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