Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chicks up front!!

The battle cry of the 60s whereby it was reasoned that the police were less likely to take a nightstick to a female. It lasted about as long as it took for some chick to brain a cop with a brick, but seems to have stayed around in one form or another.

Over the years I have seen people shilling for one liberal cause or another play that game. They send a woman to deal with the public because they figure they will get less crap thrown at them.

Much like the cop that got hit by the brick during the Vietnam era anti-war rallies, I'm not stupid. I see what they are doing and the truth is I don't give a damn.

Most of the woman are staunch supporters of equal rights for woman and I can't say I'm against that sort of thing. I stopped caring things like this years ago. I believe in equal rights and equal rights include the right to get your ass chewed out when you piss me off.

Anyway this woman was at some supermarket in Philly I occasionally do business with trying to get me to sign up for an Obama phone and I told her that I was ineligible for one as I had a job. I also told her that I wish they'd do away with all federal assistance.

She got upset and invoked the Kiddie card.

"What about the children?" she whined.

"ESPECIALLY the children," I shot back. "Let the little whelps starve! If you can't afford to raise children don't have them!" My voice was pretty harsh.

I saw her start to well up and get ready to play the secret weapon. She was going to start crying.

"And don't you turn on the waterworks, either." I snapped. "You support equal rights so take your lumps and act like an equal. If you start crying I'r really going to tell you off."

She dried up instantly and out came the venom and she started cussing me out.

"That's more like it," I said and let her run on a bit. She was like a trapped rat because I had taken away the blubbering option. I let her partially run out of steam.

"I like to see woman run businesses," I said, casually."If you put forth the effort in promoting a small office cleaning business or something that you could put together for short money you could make a more of a difference than you are making now."

"How's that?" she answered in a snippy tone.

"You would have to hire people and you would create jobs and instead of having the government give them phones they could buy their own. Want to make a difference? Create jobs."

She looked stunned and I simply walked off.

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