Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 Nov. Guys like stupid stuff

I do not know why it is but it seems that guys like stupid stuff.

Tonight I am at sea and some genius got the TV working and there is a free period of time to be spent and the movie the crew has decided on is The Blues Brothers which really is a stupid movie but it makes all of us laugh. There really isn't a whole lot to it but cameo appearances of various Rhythm and Blues artists and one hell of a chase.

Still, it makes just about every guy that watches it laugh like hell.

Another guy movie is Stripes. I'd bet that even general officers laugh at that one.

I am at sea now.

Right now the seas have abated a little and I feel pretty good. The past week I have been riding a tug and it has been years since I have been on a tug in any sort of weather. Especially one like this that is fairly small and not the best sea boat I have ever ridden in. It is not heavy enough for my tastes. A heavy boat rides the seas better and we have burned off an awful lot of fuel and used a lot of water which adds to the boat's movement. Fuel and water are heavy and they sure make a difference.

The trip has been rough and the motion of this little cork has been pretty hard on all of us, even the regular crew.

While I have not gotten seasick as such, I have been pretty close and have not felt civilized in several days. My mate has not been 100% either. Sleep has been diffucult at best and I have not really had more than a couple hours of interrupted sleep in the past week.

There are a few tricks to keeping healthy during trips like this and one of them is learning when and how to eat. The first thing you discard is any chance of staying on a diet of any sorts. You have to eat differently and actually time things. When you have a period of time when the seas flatten out you eat a little something, but do not stuff yourself. The objeect being to have everything out of your stomach and into your intestines when the seas get rough again. Bland foods seem to be the best.

The weather says we have a several hour break and I am starved. The deckhand has suggested we whip up a huge ham and cheese omelet. I told him I want in on it. I'll take a chance that I can break it down and get it into my intestines before the weather goes to hell and it gets snotty again.

(Later entry) I ate the omelet and a couple of buscuits and I think I got away with it which is good as I need the energy. I think it will have gotten well into my digestive system before the seas kick up. In a case like this timing is everything.

In a few hours it is going to get as rough as a cob and I am hoping that my system has gotten used to the seas enough so that the last day of this voyage I can hold it together enough and that everything goes well.

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