Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catchup for Halloween

Last night it was a long and boring watch and it needed a little help. As a cargo person stuck on board a tug there wasn't a whole lot to do. I turned on the boob tube for background noise and stuck my nose in a book. When I looked up the tube was on the Military Channel and the program was 'An Officer and a Movie' which I suppose is their way of filling in air time by showing a movie when they run out of their usual fare of documentries.

Lou Diamond Phillips seems to do OK as host for this series and I imagine that is because he was a Navy brat and grew up on Naval bases. He seems comfortable with the series and that's fine.

Generally the guest (the officer that goes along with the movie) is an officer, either active or retired but tonight's show seemed to be an interesting change. The guest was simply a noncom from the Oklahoma National Guard.

It was actually pretty refreshing, at least the parts I noticed. She seemed pretty comfortable and my guess is that she is a Native American that was brought in to fit in with the theme of the movie, which was Windtalkers.

While it is not really my idea of a decent movie to cover the amazing code that was based on the Navajo language, nonetheless the good sergeant seemed to do a pretty good job of commenting on the movie and it was kind of refreshing seeing an NCO sitting in instead of an officer.

As for the movie, they could have done a lot more going into the history of the code, the Navajos that spoke it, and covering the contributions it made to victory in the Pacific instead of turning it into a so-so Nicholas Cage drama.

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