Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It is early,

a little after 0600 and I am watching the sun come up from my window. The coffee is being made and I am looking at the sun rising.

SOmething occurred to me this morning. It will not be all that long before the shortest day of the year passes us by and the days will start getting longer again. Time passes so quickly and it also reminded me about how so many people waste parts of their lives worrying about stupid stuff.

When we were younger we worried a lot about things like getting an iPod or what color shoes to wear or whatever stupid little things we worried about. I was blessed, though because at an early age I saw through all of this crap and decided that a lot of it wasn't worth the effort.

A classmate of mine didn't see things that way and chased all of the fads, fashions and worried about making all of the right moves. She was pretty selfish and a couple of times looked down her nose at me for whatever reason and said a few snotty things to me.

She was also patently dishonest, lacked character and constantly hid behind a pretty face. She was queen of the horrorfied and outraged look when she needed it. Add llooks of indignation as desired.

She made all of the right moves and wound up married to some guy and moved into a big house in an impeccable neighborhood and had nice things and new cars and one day woke up and figured out she had missed the boat somewhere along the line and killed herself. I don't miss her.

Maybe she discovered that all of the stuff she had accumulated wasn't going to supply her with happiness. Who knows? Come to think about it, who cares?

While all of this was going on I was doing offbeat and interesting things and probably owned nothing that I couldn't cram into a green GI duffel bag and carry. I had nothing to speak of as far as things and posessions went. Then again, the cares I had at the time would have fit into a shot glass with a lot of room to spare. I was too busy dealing with what was happening and trying to both stay alive and plan my next adventure.

I turn 60 in a couple of days and I am amazed at how short of a length of time 60 years is. It is just the blink of an eye. Soon I will have to meet my maker and have a little talk with him about how I used the time I had on this planet and I am going to have to defend myself.

While I am probably going to have to hem and haw a bit when the subject of Jameson's and busty women comes up, I figure that's probably small potatoes.

What isn't small potatoes is that at least I tried to use my head for something besides a place to park a steel pot and I have tried to at least think of someone else once in a while and that's a lot. I have at least tried to use some of my talents and do something other than try and accumulate stuff and step on everyone else on my way to the top.(The top of WHAT?)

I can say that I didn't totally waste my brain. At least I used some of it.

The way I look at it, that says a LOT.

(Of course, I do have another ace in the hole. Some years ago I hit a baseball through the neighborhood grouch's window and he took a pretty good nutty one and a lot of the kids got sweated out pretty hard by their parents but not one single one of them ratted me out. That is the highest honor I have ever received in my life! Betcha that carries weight with the man upstairs.)

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