Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here's to the senior NCO or officer

that, as I write, is mopping a floor or cleaning a toilet or mowing a lawn while people of lesser rank are doing something else that is probably a little more important. Most of his people are somewhere learning something, either in a classroom or in the field.

Right now an O-3 or O-4 is cleaning his own office, wiping down walls and mopping the floor. He thinks nothing of it because it has to be done and the rest of his people are busy doing other things.

An E-8 is probably behind a lawn mower somewhere cutting the grass and an E-6 is out somewhere tied up doing something as an E-9 is getting ready to pull the E-6's wash out of the machine and toss it into the dryer. The E-9 is glad to do this for the E-6. About an hour ago he did the same thing for an E-5.

Somewhere a sergeant is saying "Thank you, Sir." to a first lieutenant that has just cooked him a meal. As the tired and grateful sergeant sits down to yaffle it down, the lieutenant turns to clean up the cookware he just used to make the meal.

Wait a minute... What kind of unit are you talking about?

Special Ops. The teams are so small that everyone has to pitch in to get everything done.

Meanwhile an E-2 is mopping out the rec room of a barracks somewhere grumbing about having to clean the place up all the time. He's figures a way out of the drudgery of running a mop. He knows just what to do to get away from the constant cleaning and maintainence he has to do all the time.

He's going to put in for that special operations unit and then he won't have to do that sort of thing anymore.

Yeah, right. The E-2 is in for an awakening.

So who cleans up after the SEALS and Green Berets?

They do not have maid service in the service and the special operations teams are pretty damned small and there are no privates or seamen there to pass the cleaning tasks down to. They have to do it for themselves. They are professionals and they think nothing of it. They are members of a team.

The day to day cleaning and cooking and sewing does not go away. Real men know this and take care of themselves.

That is why the blog STAYS pink.

It is to remind us that the chores of cleaning up after ourselves doesn't go away and that anyone that thinks that tough guys don't do 'woman's work' had better guess again. While I certainly do not know how these guys live, my case is simple.

My mother is not here to clean up after me.

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