Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.

This marks the end of the year for me as it is the last holiday of the year for me that I enjoy.

I do not enjoy Christmas and have not since CHristmas 1969. I do not know what but I don't. Seeing as to how busy we are here at sea I think we will have our meal tommorrow but that is OK. At sea you do what you have to do and tomorrow ought to be quiet.

I remember this old New England spinster that was well into her 90s.

She said to a friend of mine, "Peggy, I hope to see another Thanksgiving but I am not strong enough anymore to see another Christmas."

Sometime between the two of them that year she died.

I sort of feel the same way. When I go I hope that it is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Next year I ought to have it off and if I do I will spend it with my nephew. He's a good man. He was born about 30 years ago. WHen he was born I was his age, which make him half my age.

Sometime soon I have to make plans with him for my eventual demise as I suppose he's the man for the job of making sure I get boxed up and delivered to the Navy for burial at sea.

SO much for talk like this on what is truly an American holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey and stuff yourself and sleep it off on the living room floor like you are supposed to.

To those out in places that are not so nice doing dangerous and uncomfortable things, Thank you for doing so so that the rest of us can stuff ourselves in safety.

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