Friday, November 11, 2011

Looks like we are back to square one


The people that do not pay taxes because they live off of tax money are griping again that the rich that do pay taxes are not paying enough taxes to give them a raise.

We are back to the 'tax the hell out of the rich' game again which is just plain wrong.

Instead of taxing the rich it would make a whole lot more sense to cut the pay of the freeloading non-workers and force them to get jobs to support themselves. That way they could start paying taxes and have something worth griping about.

I have heard enough people gripe about how the rich make too much money and ought to be forced to fork over a bigger share than the poor.

Horse puckey.

For all of the people that gripe about the rich having so much money they forget that the rich do not keep all of it, only a small portion. In this nation one does not get rich alone. They get rich by making money for other people.

You take a guy that got rich making something and you look around and there are a boatload of other people around him that have also made money. These people have different names ranging from partners, stockholders, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and others.

When Bill Gates made his fortune he created an awful lot of fortunes for other people. These range from millionaires that eiter had faith in him and invested to software engineers that made a killing all the way on down to the guy that sweeps te floor at Microsoft.

A guy that got truly rich also creates seperate unrelated businesses that most people are unaware of and go unnoticed like the diner that often opens outside the gate of the office or factory. Although the guy running the diner may be a seperate business, he is quite often pretty dependent on the success of the rich guy's business. If the factory lays off his diner business often takes a down turn.

A lot of the people that made it to the top have taken some pretty big risks. That have put themselves into hock pretty deeply taken some pretty hefty chances that their skills and talents will pull them through. The road to wealth is littered with casualties of those that have not made it. It takes a certain amount of moxie to make the big money. Most people simply do not have what it takes.

Yet because the rich have more than the rest of us there is envy and an awful lot of people want to take from these people what they themselves have not earned. A lot of the whiners ought to take a look at themselves and admit that they do not have what it takes to get rich.

Unions for years have earned a well deserved reputation for cutting their own throats by demanding more for their services than they are worth. Either a company faced with excessive union demands shuts down and everybody loses or they move to a union unfriendly place or they outsource their labor overseas to stay competitive in which case the union loses.

The unions can gripe and whine all they want when a company does this, but there really isn't a whole lot they can do about it but tell the rank and file that they better look someplace else for work. It really is their own fault as they have simply demanded more than they are worth.

Then there are those that whine that So and so has more money than he needs. It's a stupid arguement because generally the people whining really have more then THEY need. If you want to get down to basic needs, all a person needs is food, clothing and shelter so if their argument holds water what is to keep someone else from taking from them. These very people would not like it one bit if they were told they had to drive, say a Prius because they do not need an SUV.

(Some time ago I had to listen to a crewman go on about how he needed this and that. I slammed a can of corned beef and a gallon of water down in front of him and told him that it was all he NEEDED for the day. Although I had no intentions of living in such primitive squalor, I made two points at once. The other one is that I would tolerate no whining over stupid stuff.)

The truth about this 'He has more than he needs' argument is simply that the person making it is envious of the successful person that he is trying to rob, generally because he is either to lazy, too stupid or too cowardly to take a few chances and make it for himself.

I get tired of people that want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Those that have climbed to the top have done a lot more than simply made money. They have created wealth and have already spread a lot of it around. Let's tax them fairly, at the same rate everyone else pays.

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