Thursday, November 17, 2011

This post is dated, but here it is

Sometimes I get accussed of bashing my own country when I point to, say the Japanese and compare them to those pigs in New Orleans we saw on TV during Katrina.

Nope. I'm not bashing.

This is the greatest nation on the planet. We're the people that put the man on the moon and generally lead the way in technology. We're the people that seem to do a lttle better than everyone else at about everything we set our mind to. Come to think of it a minute, we generally do a LOT better than anyone else, generally speaking.

We are the kindest and most generous people on the planet. Every time there is a natural disaister of some kind it is the good old US of A that seems to get there first with the most for relief efforts. Sometimes the rest of the world doesn't seem to understand it when we(for example) send aircraft carriers to do relief work, but the truth is that those people that wonder why have no clue as to the abilities of a US carrier and her crew to provide excellent relief service. The assets that are designed for war are simply turned around and used for peaceful humanitarian relief purposes.

We are some of the most imaginitive and creative people in the world.

We can also be some of the most impatient, selfish and greedy people on the planet.

A couple of posts ago I wrote about a group of retired people in Japan that are stepping up to the plate and are selflessly offering their services to help clean up the nuclear mess over there and I mentioned the behavior of the average Japanese during the period right after the tsunami.

I also briefly mentioned the widespread looting that took place after Katrina.

All I did was mention the truth.

I was not bashing the United States, I was looking at all facets of our great nation. We're far from perfect and we have out faults. We have a lot, but we do not have it all.

Like living here? Fine. Remember this:

You gotta take the $hit with the sugar.

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