Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A post I wrote while bouncing around in a tugboat for a couple of weeks

This has been a pretty frustrating few days as I have had no way to post these epistles.

There is no signal here whatsoever off the coast of Outer Mongolia which is where I am now. It is not a very good place and the weather had been a bit on the boisterous side and like everyone else on the crew I do not feel very well although I have not yet gotten to the point where I have evacuated my stomach.

While as I pen this epistle it isn't too bad, I can actually walk more than two steps without having to hang on to something. However, it will not be very long before we have to make a break for it through about 24 hours worth of nasty weather and that is not fun at all.

I am now suffering mixed feelings about this trip. I wish we could just hammer it on through the lump and get it over with but I do not like the thought of the misery I will be soon facing.

Oh, well. I chose this path and I suppose I have to take the $hit with the sugar.

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