Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden just got booed

at a NASCAR race.

I read it on Yahoo! news and there were a bunch of comments, mostly calling the fans a bunch of trailer trash and things of that sort.

Few of the comments showed a whole lot of common sense which in this day and age is not surprising.

While I agree that it is tasteless to boo the First Lady and Jill Biden, we really ought to look at it from another point of view.

What did these two expect? What were they thinking when they decided to show up at a NASCAR race?

They just have to know that NASCAR fans tend to be a pretty conservative lot and they know that not all of them are going to simply be content to sit there and behave themselves. Their mere presence at a NASCAR race is about as tasteless as David Duke showing up at an NAACP meeting, and expecting the fans to keep quiet about their presence seems to be an awful lot to ask for.

While I will admit that the booing was pretty ignorant, disrespectful and uncalled for, I am going to have to pass an awful lot of responsibility for this back to Michelle and Jill.

They were both stupid enough to show up where they knew they were not wanted.

What did they expect?

Of course, trying to put a little common sense into the equation seems to be an awful lot to ask for these days.

You can say what you want about NASCAR fans. You can call them a bunch of inbred rednecks if you want and I will not bother to argue with you because I couldn't be bothered. What I will say for NASCAR fans that can not be denied is that these are pretty honest people when it comes to expressing themselves and that really is pretty refreshing when you think about it. This is one group that has not fallen for the 'politically correct' crap the rest of us put up with daily. Because of that, I say, "God bless them."


It is time for me to start wrapping up my garbage instead of putting it out in the trash.

I generally put a couple of well wrapped packages of garbage in the back of the truck and park it in a mall some place and generally every year I get robbed of my trash at least once.

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